PHP Scripts

PHP scripts written by me. All instructions included in the zip files. If you use my scripts, a link back is nice but not required! Downloads counted since June 1, 2005.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These scripts have not been updated in a long time due to personal time constraints. They are free for the taking but I cannot guarantee they are up-to-date with the latest security measures -- most specifically Adopt Admin and Simple Login because they are more complex and have login features. You are more than welcome to modify these as necessary (to make them more secure or simply to modify them to your needs). Due to a lack of time, unfortunately I can no longer offer support for these scripts.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: The year is 2014, and these scripts are now relics of a time past. Use these at your own risk. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even work with modern installations of PHP, but you can tinker with them if you want!

Adopt Admin (downloads: 9,065)

A simple PHP/mySQL script to manage outgoing fanlisting adoptions. You create a list of your fanlistings up for adoption in the easy-to-use, password-protected admin panel, and an application form is dynamically generated for you. The applications are stored in the database and you can review them, highlight choice applicants, and email applicants individually or en masse (handy for rejection emails) through the admin panel.

Captivate 1.0 (downloads: 9,346) View Demo

A basic but highly-customizable PHP gallery script with optional thumbnail creation. Designed with screencaps in mind, it works best for large galleries of same-sized images. (2.0 coming soon!)

Icon Sort (downloads: 30,313) View Demo

Updated February 7, 2006 - now works with register_globals off! A quick and easy PHP icon management script. This script does not require a mySQL database, and is very easy to setup and use. Simply create a new folder for each category, and upload your icons to their respective folders. A menu and icon galleries are automatically created, with the newest icons shown at the top (or bottom, your choice) of each category page. Optional features include per-category icon count displayed in the menu and pagination of the category pages.

Simple Login (downloads: 6,907) View Demo

Updated January 5, 2006! A single-file password protection script written in PHP that can protect multiple files. It uses sessions so you only have to enter your password once each time you open your browser. This script can only protect PHP files (not HTML, not images, not full directories) and is not compatible with pages that already use sessions.